Completed, At Last


Alhamdulillah, Abah's reception was held successfully. Over 90% of family members and Abah's friends attended the event --- including his Siamese schoolmate whom I never met. Abah's siblings, family and friends were all happy for his wedding. Each of them came with nicest do'a and may Allah The Most Responsive One bless them back.

Though it was a hectic event, I am satisfied. When it ends, that's mean Abah and Mama is now officially beginning their new life. That also means the end of another responsibility -- not that I hold that much responsibility.

On my way back to Penang, I sigh and thanked Allah for His Love and Most Compassion that everything went smoothly. Ya, little stuff took place in the events but none were strong enough to ruin anything. He Is The Greater One that unite our hearts and in Him we rely and trust. It sounded impossible and hard at first but it's now completed, at last.

O breeze that passed by
Send a message to a heart
All is well ends well
Love sealed and love heals
Let seasons past and let memories live
New life begins and old story never end.



CikMelur said…
congratulations on the new family member.:
'Aini said…
tocei.. tocei.. :)

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