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I can't remember when [date] we first met but the scene is clear in my mind. It was during training. I was having my break and looking down to UNIMAS football field when I saw him. If you expect me to write about love-at-first-sight sparks, forget it. All I think was "who is this guy" and "have I heard stories about him?”

Yes, no sparks and I never have thought I'd fallen in love with him. [If only I know I would have mark the calendar!] Then, his presence started to be significant to me when I was elected as SCH-Unimas's Vice President. I spent more time with him, getting to know him and learning his knowledge.

It was the second semester of my first year in UNIMAS; I stayed for third semester for my Calculus class. I almost cancelled it after I had a harsh break up and the ticket was booked. But somehow, a SMS from him made me want to stay. It felt right to stay; like fulfilling a promise.

We spent a lot of time together during the 2 months period --- during training and outside training. He'd ride his scooter from Petrajaya to Kolej TAZ whenever he got time. We talked for hours and about everything. His visits were the moment I longed every day.

The third semester came to the end. My heart ached every time I think about going home and departing from him; it was worse when I know I won't see him again when I get back from my 1 month holiday. How did I fall in love with him?

He wrote me a letter when I already gave up. I never thought he'd feel the same way too. I never thought there's a guy who would fall in love with me. He gave me the greatest gift --- a love. I spent 1 month writing a reply, but not even one came up right, none sent. When I returned from 1 month holiday, I'm surprised --- he was still in Sarawak! He confronted me, asking for my little heart's answer after UTP's Wajadiri's training. I was angry, for he had to ask. Didn't my feeling obvious?

1st July 2004, dawn; I woke up to his SMS. He said he love me and need me too. Was I being electrocuted? or did flower petals fell from the sky? The feeling was... indescribable. It's love~

:-:To be continue:-:


fleur vinca said…
how did u fall in love? constant conversation my dear... :)

i think many women fall in love because they feel connected to the person they share their inner thoughts to... :)
'Aini said…
hehehe. maybe~
How Did I Fall in Love With You; that's the song I listened to when I decide: hey, maybe I've fall in love with this guy :)

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