About Us - Part 3: Me, Him & Pink


Pink was not my preferable color. Though I did have few items in pink, they usually something Mak bought or something that was supposed to be pink or was made in pink that I have no choice at all. The why part, hmmm... because I felt pink was too girlish for me and I am not that girlish. Pink would not be happy if I wear her :D

But that was the past. I have no issue with pink now. In fact, I LOVE pink! While I dressed up this morning --- I am wearing my all-pink baju kurung and abstract motives pink tudung [that he loves] --- I suddenly realized how my perception changed.

He said I look beautiful and glowing in pink :)
[Hahahaha *blushing*]

That was the most concrete reason to love pink and to keep on wearing pink. The particular event took place on 2008, 23 months after our final meeting at Sarawak. It was our first real date.


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