Alhamdulillah, praise to ALLAH, the ijab qabul ceremony went well with one lafaz even though Abah’s father in law (to be) passed away at 7.20 am this morning. So, like everyone summarizes it, we got a new mother. [To be frank, I don’t prefer people referring this event as “getting new mother” event. A mother is not similar to anything replaceable. Furthermore, my siblings and I doesn’t need reminders that we have “lost” our mother. A simple fundamental, please do not do anything you’d not prefer in your life.]

Another completed task, another road traveled. No tears ---- I’m not proud of it and vice versa. I do not know what the feeling is. Maybe, relieved. Ya, relief could be the correct word though not precise. Don’t you agree to define it that way when you have completed a task that you believe something you must do?

Life is a journey and [InsyaALLAH] I still have quite a distance to explore. Some people say that an end is the beginning of something else but I only believe in one end, HIS end. Please pray; I am close and closer to ALLAH always, I am wise and wiser for each road I traveled, and I am strong and stronger from each event in my life…



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