When Blair Waldorf Cry


Blair cried during Dorota's wedding in Gossip Girl Season 3 episode last night. She broke off with tears when Cyrus announce the happy couple whom happen to be Blair and Chuck, to walk the aisle and accompany the bride and bridegroom as a part of the traditional Russian wedding.

Blair said that she and Chuck was not a happy couple. They should not bring bad luck to Dorota and Vanya. Blair hated the person she has become when she love Chuck -- too much. She hated it.

Watching Blair crying like that, letting Chuck go... stepping away from her life... admitting that the one love she wanted and fight for was not a happy story... it broke my heart. Blair is mean. But she's just another girl.

[Dorota said: "I don't need you to be a happy couple. I just need you to be happy". Yes. ]

Everybody has the right
to be happy.
to choose a path that makes them happy.
to give second chance, many time.
to forgive.
to forget.
to move on.
to stay and to longed.
to believe lies.
to tell lies.
to be hurt.
to hurt.
to hate and only hate.
to love and love still.
to live well.to be a better person.



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