Raya Wish: Nasi Daging


Raya wish 2010 from my youngest brother: Nasi Daging. Reason: Mak always cooked that.

Major alamak!
First, I don't have the recipe.
Second, even if I do have the recipe my cooking skill is nothing more compare to him. Hahaha. Sometime I think he cook better :P

So I am going to spend my time browsing the net for Nasi Daging recipe. There are many ways to cook it and I am soooo have zero instinct on which to choose.

My dear lovely friends, readers and lurkers...
If you know Nasi Daging recipe, please, please, please share it with me (^_^)v



Rinie said…
Lupa nak mintak resepi kat mak rini.....nanti rini msg..hehhehe

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