2 September 2010.
8TV Quickie's topic: L.D.R - Long Distance Relationship. It is in conjunction of Going the Distance movie release.
Well hear this Megan and Naqib, I had had a L.D.R for six years. Yes Naqib, six years not six months. [At least I was into the commitment for six years, ha ha ha]

Was it hard? Yes.
Can L.D.R worked? Yes.
Then why did you two broke up? Yes, we broke up but for typical reasons. Distance was not one of it. [At least not for me. I never ask him, I will never ask and I have no intention to know at all.]

As usual, people will have tons of questions about L.D.R, like it is some sort of alien practice or something. When it works, it's a miracle. When it failed, people blame the distance. When people heard that you are in a L.D.R, they give you the deep sigh and you can almost see the best-of-luck projection from their mind.

No Tickets Required, None Too Expensive

I was determined to prove that distance is just another number between two of us. Are you saying that distance is stronger than your love? Nah, not happening. There was no different between L.D.R and normal relationship. There will still be distance, literally. For Allah's sake, you are not living in the same room to begin with. Hahaha.

The feeling and effort maybe different from one another. As for me, I was fine and comfortable with the L.D.R status. It allows me to breathe and I must admit that it provide me the escape door from the guilt I felt for having a relationship. [I am not going to explain further on that. If you would like to know, please ask me personally.] There was no insecurity issue as I am a loyal creature and I trust my ex-other-half, too. [Yes, stupid and unrealistic, I know. I've heard that for six years, thank you.]

My philosophy is simple.
My love, commitment and thoughts did not deteriorate by distance.
No tickets required and none too expensive.

These are the important elements in L.D.R.
But of course, I am not the one to say more on this topic (^_^)
All I want and can say is, long distance relationship is possible. It has become a trend. Boys and girls are chasing their dreams.

Are you going to let distance separate you from the person you love?
If you choose to have a long distance relationship, please commit to it.
Be truth and try hard not to break a heart.

I think I will watch Going the Distance.



my dear2!! nk copy phrase ni blh x? ^^

nk update kt status biar 'org tu' baca... :D
eh... yg ni

If you choose to a long distance relationship, please commit to it.
Be truth and try hard not to break a heart.

hehe lupa lak..
'Aini said…
Yes dear.. please~
s'luriahk said…
'Aini said…
Hehehehe.. Apakah wahai mal? :p

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