So Much For a Happy Song


A moment ago, I just realized that my folder contains gigantic amount of sad songs. Sad love songs. Tragic sad songs. Ohmigosh.

What kind of person I was?
What kind of life I had?
My... my... my...
With this kind of collection, even Olay Total Effect that fight 7 signs of ageing could not help. Lines, lines, lines!

So I begin rummaging the entire collection for decent, motivational, happy songs that could enlighten my soul. Was that only 15% of the entire collection? Disastrous, ‘Aini! Among these 15%, lots of them actually a motivational breakup songs and a whole lot more which was not in that 15% is about love (between men and women). How pathetic is that.

We can't even write happy songs that does not include that kind of love. Sad... very, very sad.

I don't want to feel happy listening to fairy tales of love. Teetttt! Not even my story.
I don't want to be happy over bouncing back and moving on after a terrible breakup! Another teeettttt!
Ya ya ya. “It’s love that makes the world turn around”. Not just love between men and women.

I am starting my list of happy, motivational songs that have zero connection to love (between men and women). Please suggest me some songs. I would really appreciate that.

There are so many happy occurrences in life and love could be defined widely.Tell me about friendship, tell me about children, and tell me about this colorful world.



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