Small World


A Fadli added me as his friend in Facebook. He said I was in his mail listing dated back almost 8 years ago. Hmm... Sound too good to be truth. How young I was, 19 years? Apparently, he forwarded my last email. Guess what, he is my matriculation senior! Oh wait... he was my group's facilitator, too. That's why I have his email address. [Now I remember waiting for his reply, which is until it's forgotten...]

We met during orientation week. I remember that he was a cool facilitator, not fussy and very much sporting. His talk was motivated; he actually introduced me [us] H.M Tuah Iskandar's Membina Imaginasi Cemerlang. We were told that he is among the best student. The best part was we were the winning group :) When other group performed typical performances, we performed a coral speaking.

I screen through his profile for some updates. Well, he was so charming back then and we stop contacting each other after 3 emails. I'd like to know what happen to him, what he become. The profile picture is a bald guy, anyway. Hahaha. "KC Fadli" triggered something and his photo explains everything.

Oh Em Gee!

He is the Twilight Guy I met few months ago at Borders. Now I know why he looks so familiar, I swear he looks soooo familiar. Oh by the way, he was Ayu's course mate. I have to agree with Rini, the world is small indeed. I was mentioning his name last few days, saying that I regretted not asking his contact details --- I would like to borrow some books from him.

The only thing I recall about Abang Fadli was that he's a sweetheart and he caught my attention. The KC I met that day was... still a sweetheart and he did caught my attention. Hahahahahahahaha! The only less charming detail is he read boring titles :p " What's in a name? That which we call a rose. By any other name would smell as sweet " sound [literally] truer.

Look, it's not old flame stuff and no, no spark ok.
Both Fadli and KC caught my attention differently. Fadli was a senior who motivate me. Aren't juniors supposed to be charmed by seniors? [Hahahaha, it's another typical and silly explanation, I know] KC on the other hand caught my attention when he confessed for being a Twilight Saga fan! You will not find a guy-fan of Twilight, who actually agrees with all girls for having our eyes on Edward Cullen. And me, being a Twilight Saga fanatic, can't help myself but to feel fond of him :D

Life is full of surprises. Be prepared and look around the corner!



CikMelur said…
yup.. it is a small world indeed. My former classmate in KMPP who was actually my best friend when I was there is my best friend's childhood friend when I was in UNIMAS.

It is a small world. :P
'Aini said…
Babe.. Tht's a very long history~ Hahaha. Good for you and me :D

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