I arrived at Malacca approximately 0630 this morning. 30 minutes late. The second driver was slower than the first one --- I notice few scary overtake throughout the journey. It was raining last night and I feel exceptionally happy about that. The fact is that I have a very good connection with rain.

Anyway, I started to feel lonely traveling alone. It’s always just me, a book and MP3s in my C905. It was boring; I dozed off before entering the Penang Bridge. This time, I’m traveling with my birthday present from Kak Hairi --- Like the Flowing River, So Yi-jung --- my beloved sunbae and as I mentioned earlier the MP3s --- I hate the fact that my You Are Beautiful OST can’t loop and I have to play it manually one after another.

I notice that Malacca has become a place so familiar. I don’t even have to think which door to take at Malacca Central --- I know exactly where I am going. I’m guessing, one day the KBES guys will notice me and if miracle happens, they might actually save a ticket to Malacca on seat 13 for me. Hahahaha~

From Malacca with Love! Muacks :D

Some mental note I made:

- The RapidPenang: Must go out by 2230. 304 go straight to the Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal. So does 303.
- Never choose seat 19 or 22! Never!
- I need an iPod, ASAP.
- I need a reading LED, please consider it.
- Do not spray perfume on the blanket --- it almost killed the passengers :p



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