Quick Relieve


It's been a while.
Piles of task are reaching my inbox.
Tons of issues require solution.
Need to flush these from my system, ASAP!
Ideas... there are plenty of them waiting to be publish.
Plus, there have been some ups and downs in my life lately. Some of it was Corkscrew's 360-head-over-head turn. It's 'fun' and I'm having fun :p

On the other hand, I’d like to release few things from my mind. If not, you might read the newspaper headline that read “Brain Explode!” :D

Decision made is a decision made. You can't undo it no matter how hard the outcome. The only option is to experience every moment of it or to make reasonable correction.

A love said is a love said. Once you love, you don't and can't stop loving. You cry, you hate, and you take a break. But promises and commitment tied by love is tougher than you thought.

Your life could be hard --- you define it. I said my life is simple and beautiful, but nobody says it will be easy. Life should offer you education, not regret. Learn!

And, when a heart miss her other half, she really mean it.



fleur vinca said…
yup...when a heart miss her other half, she really mean it... but if THE other half dont understand her heart...can she still call him her other half..?? hahahaha...hr ni kita main pkataan other half... :D
'Aini said…
hehehe.. when talking abt other half.. i'd prefer to talk abt me only. wht my other half think, well, he's a healthy grown up ;D

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