Needing a Family


Back to work after 4 days holiday. I feel rusty. I wake up this morning alone in my room and I'm missing waking up in a home, with a family.

Waking up at home last Monday spoilt me. I miss waking up to Hakimi's voice: "Mak Long... bangun la" and his morning kiss --- he's the only opposite sex I can demand for kiss. I miss Syifa's "ta ta ta" and cries --- my sweet Bubble. I miss every bit of argument I have with my sibling. I miss us, watching Korean drama all day --- we were watching You Are Beautiful.

Furthermore, I miss my grandma, my aunties, my uncles and my cousins. I received a MMS of my favorite cousins with my favorite aunty. Gosh! Why do we have to live in different state...?

I'm the girl who always bound to my family. My life embraced by blood ties and unconditional love from each family member. Being with family makes me stronger and wiser. Even without knowing, family soothes every pain I endure.

Being a far from family, I feel exceptionally lonely. It is even more when there's a hollow in my heart --- that's from you, my dear~.


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