High Heels’ Tale


I slept at 10 pm and had a long 7 hours sleep last night. Sleeping at 10 pm on work day --- that is unusual and I am having a hard time to sleep lately. Anyway, I dreamt weird dreams --- I can't remember most of it, but there was dragon involves and Ayu, she was talking about DNA. Ha ha ha. So I wake up confused, searching my closet for a decent outfit, thinking that I seriously need new clothes and thinking about having a cup of warm tea before going to work.

"The flats of the high heels?", I ask.
"The high heels", I decided.
And here I am wearing the high heels that are biting me. While walking, I thought why on this earth am I wearing these high heels again. I should never ever wear any shoe that hurt my feet. I heard a click then: "Well done 'Aini. It's just like your relationship".

The first time I wear this high heels, everything was fine. Maybe it is because I wore it for only a short of time. The second time I wore it, I walk a longer distance and it started to hurt me. Not only that, this pair of high heels slowed me down and almost not practical. But I told myself this is just a matter of time. I'll get use to it. I wear it the next day and my feet hurt badly. I barely can walk back home. The next day, I switch back to my old pair flats --- hoping my feet to heal. Silently, I plan to toss the high heels back into its box and hide it somewhere I can forget. But you know, high heels are so tempting and I never learn any lesson. I think my feet are swollen as I'm writing this entry and I don't know if I'll take it off half way today!

Did the tale of me and my high heels sound familiar?

I wake up today feeling this relationship like walking down a runway with a pair of uncomfortable high heels. It hurts, it makes my feet swell, it made me cry, and it made me vulnerable… I once told myself that I should never wear shoes that hurt my feet. [That's why I wear flats all these years]. But here I am with the pair of high heels.

It hurts but I will continue walking in it until the day my feet too swollen to walk. Then I will stop.



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