Simple Happiness :)


"Thank you lovely guy on my desktop... for smiling at me every morning and always."

"Thank you charming guy on my hand phone screen... for smiling at me lovingly."

"Yes, I'd be happy to be your flower... forever."

Above are all my credits and response to So Yi-jung, a character from Boys Over Flowers' drama (Kim Beum). He is the guy on my desktop and hand phone screen. Somehow, his smile makes me happy and warmth my heart.

I might be [naturally] a sad person, but I find happiness in the smallest and simplest event. In the darkest of night, I see stars twinkle so bright. In the hottest of daylight, I see flowers blooming and birds chirping lovely song. In the wettest of rain, it ends the drought and all sorrow washed away. Even in sad movies, and sad songs and sad writings; there are great moments you can enjoy.

Life is so full of wonderful things, if you choose to be satisfied with all you have and all you can gain for.



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