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Worth to Live Through


Plato said: "Courage is knowing what not to fear".

We have questions, we demand for clarifications and we have the need to feed the curiosity. But would asking the questions and getting the answers make any difference? Would knowing what we want to know sufficient to our soul? How much would we sacrifice and how far we would risk for an answer? Would it worth losing as much as much it is worth winning? On the other hand, what's wrong with not knowing? What's wrong with not knowing the answer? Everything comes with a price. Are you willing to pay the amount? Can you afford it? Would you even care to check the price tag?

If you have a question, if you need a clarification, if you are so curious to know, you must ask yourself - what are you getting from the answer? Take your time to think deeper and more rationale. You need to listen to your heart, but you must use your brain. Some questions are better left unspoken - because it would not make any differences, because you won't be able to accept the answer, because you'll need to risk everything you have, because it is not worth losing or winning. Think - am I prepared for what's coming after this? It is pointless to regret when it is too late. You can't undo what's been said.

Lies are easy to hear, truths are hard to handle. Which one do you prefer? How many of us rather live with lies than to accept the truth? So we say that lies only hurt you, truths kill. But wait until the truth hits you. Truths and lies, live and die... What's the different between living a lie than die?
Truth is more painful than lie and betrayal joined together because we know that is the reality, because it is solid and because we know nothing would change the fact. But truths give us closure. A period. A reason to start a new beginning. To move on. You need to finish a chapter to complete a story.

Always prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. You must know your limit. Are you strong enough? Decide when you are done with your reasoning. Not before you're clear about everything. Don't step forward into a game you know you can't survive. Love yourself and consider the people who care about you. Never participate in a suicidal mission. Do not be an idiot who breakdown meaninglessly.

An anonymous said: "Being strong does not mean avoiding the truth. It means accepting it, learning about it, and dealing with it head on". So no matter how rough life is, no matter how hurt you are, no matter how unpleasant things are, be strong. If you stumble, get up and continue walking. Take your time to accept the hard times, learn from life and deal with whatever challenges you might have in life. If it going to be tough, makes sure it is worth to live through.



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