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The Women We Love


The song entitles "Women I Love" by Zain Bhikha.
It is such a lovely song. It touches my heart and made me cry.
Women are love as a mother, a wife, a daughter and a sister. No matter how independent and strong we are, women are still delicate creature - like a fragile butterfly. And all a woman need is a guy in this song. A guy who understand that women are gift from Allah. A guy who would love, value, and cherish his mother, his wife, his daughter and his sister.

I am sure you've heard this - when you're looking for a future husband, pay attention to how he value his mother. If he treats his mother well, then he is a good guy. If he doesn't, then you know... I truly agree with that statement. Why? Because I could not imagine what kind of guy that did not value a woman who gave birth to him. If he can't appreciate his mother, what is the guarantee that he would appreciate a wife and a daughter?

Guys, some of you might find the statement unfair. But wouldn't you want to sleep better at night, knowing that your sister and daughter are in good hands? Be the guy you would want your sister and daughter to marry.

The best appreciation a guy could give to a woman is by being grateful and by thanking Allah for giving him the woman in his life.


Women I Love
By Zain Bhikha

For as long as, I remember
You were there for me
A young woman, growing older
But always mum to me
My heaven lies under your feet

Now I look at you and there's a few more, wrinkles and lines
But I still see the same beautiful smile
And it hurts to know someday the light will fade from your eyes
Cos you're the woman I love
You're the woman I love, my mother
You're the woman I love

Life just passes by
a fragile butterfly
I thank Allah to have you by my side

It seemed my heart beat, a little faster
The day I held your hand
We were young then, learning together
To love and understand,
You helped me to be who I am

Now after all these years, I look at you, my beautiful bride
My whole life is right there in your eyes
And Allah allows me every day to wake up with your smile
‘cos you’re the woman I love
You're the woman I love, my wife
You're the woman I love

Life just passes by
a fragile butterfly
I thank Allah to have you by my side

How could I, describe the feeling
of holding you that day
From the moment, of your first breath
You stole my heart away,
There’s nothing about you I’d change

Now I will stand by you, as you spread your wings, in this great big world
But you’ll always be my little girl
And I pray Allah will keep me by your side long enough for you to learn
That you’re the woman I love
You're the woman I love, my daughter
You're the woman I love

Cos Life will pass us by
you are my fragile butterfly
I thank Allah to have you by my side

The greatest blessing
That I have
Are the women in my life…


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