Wedding 1 - Azah & Ariff


If you belong to a clique, probably you have asked this question: Who'll be the first to get married? I consider myself belong to a clique and I have asked the question; and the answer is... Azah Kamarudin.

Azah weds her beloved, Ariff and we were attending their wedding reception on 21 November 2009. Well, 'attending' sounds underrate - we were breaking all the silence and wrecking all the guest protocol :D I hope we brought extraordinary sunshine and happiness into their wedding.

Moments were captured in beautiful pictures - the professional wedding photographer who 'bullied' us with sorts of pose and the candid from Amir, Ikmal and Kamal [waiting to be uploaded!]. Lovely, lovely pictures...

In car I said: Kawen juga Azah *sigh*
It feels like we were just graduated from secondary school yesterday. With Azah already a wife, and Awin, Fahmi and Nana’s wedding around the corner, seem like the hourglass has been turn – the sand is filling the other half.

Looking forward my next wedding invitations!


The pelamin and wedding decorations by Impiana Bridal. Contact per below:
Impiana Bridal
Kak Su: 012-5692960
Kamal: 012-5799709

Official Wedding Pictures by Hisham Mohd Noor:


azah ariff said…
tetibe aku br 1st time buka blog hg..haha...then aku cr nov 2009 utk cr kot2 la ada post ttg aku..hhehe....ada rupanya...
anywayyy,,thanks a lot kay~!
'Aini said…
Hahahaha.. Ofkos la ada~ Anyway, thanks singgah :D

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