Jacob Black II


I am forever Team Edward.
But I'd choose Jacob in real life.

1st because he is tan :p
2nd because he is real and more practical.
3rd because he is there [when the love, the life and the meaning walk away.].

Full stop.

1st: I have better perception towards normal-skinned-Malay guys. No offense, but tan guys seem more reliable than less tan guys. No fact, but that's what I think.

2nd: He is human, even if half. He is warm, which is good because I don't prefer anything cold (or anyone, in this case).

3rd: I said it once and for all - that love of my life (LOML) shouldn't leave me and shouldn't hurt me no matter for what reason - even if it involve the world peace. Once you leave, you leave for good. As for ‘Jacob’, well, considering LOML left, then I am so single. What's not to love in Jacob, anyway? :D

Anyway, I do believe now, a ‘Jacob’ would not do any harm; especially if the ‘Jacob’ is as hot as Taylor Lautner. LOL!


Cedric said…
I'm a tan guy =)
'Aini said…
yes my dear.... u r a tan guy.. :p

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