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16:37 Saturday 14 November 2009.
I was at USM's Hamzah Sendut Library; just finishing my slides for Monday's presentation - The Pareto Chart - somehow, I was 'joining' Ayu's MBA Accounting group discussion. There were 10 people discussing all-about: accounting and business and management and culture - stuff I have no idea at all. Some of them are taking this course full-time and another half are taking it part time.

Well, I have to thank Ayu for 'inviting' me into her campus life today. It's a very precious moment, to be at USM and being here in this library; observing their discussion. Timeless if I may exaggerate. I think I could sit here forever! [Another exaggeration] I am so missing the campus life...Truly.

Being there, seeing those people's effort in pursuing their ambition flamed the desire in me. [Is it a sign?] The full-timers reminded me of the one I might have been if I studied smarter and harder. As for the part-timers - Ayu, Kak Ira, Khairul - they are the models I pictured myself next. There are decisions I am yet to make.

It's not a waste after all, for being there. 10 people sitting before me - with different background - each inspired me in their own way. I saw leader, I saw thinker, I saw scanner, I saw question-asker, I saw answer-king, I saw tense-breaker, I saw problem-solver... [I saw someone interesting :D] But the most important thing was I saw 10 people reaching out for stars.

Learning is lifetime process. You are never too old or too young, or too busy or too less smart to study. There never exist a boundary, except death - Tuntutlah ilmu sehingga ke liang lahad.

With these inspirations, I want to go home and think of my ambition.



Cedric said…
u, really good in writing eh =)
'Aini said…
I do? Haha. Thanks. Other ppl writes better.
Ira said…
Ok, I'm interested to know the "someone that caught your attention" hehe..apa lagi dik habaq mai, kot2 leh connect2 kan:)
'Aini said…
haha.. kak ira.. mana bleh bgtau.. satgi kak ira kacau :p

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