A Wake Up Story


In the bus, on my way to work; 20th November 2009.
I was lost in my thoughts - mostly thinking about Edward Cullen and his golden eyes - maybe falling asleep as usual when I caught a conversation between two women behind me.

Woman A was telling woman B about her husband falling and marrying another woman! Ouch. What a morning topic. I peek through the mirror and saw her somewhat-calm expression while she spoke.

Then, she was saying:

"My mother in law was asking me, whether the news was true, that her son have married another woman. What else I can say except "I don't know, most probably yes". She said she'll never accept that other woman into her family..."

"He's always texting, even late at night."

"I gave him an ultimatum; to choose between me or the woman. And he claim that he'd want to married that woman but remain our marriage..."

"All patients have its limit. I'm off of it."

I don't know how she manages to tell the story without crying. Listening to her, I felt like I was crumbling into pieces. Imagining speaking the ultimatum to the one man I love... already break my heart.

I know, guys can love more than one woman at a time. But seriously, didn't you see in your spouse's eyes that sharing you is truly, madly, deeply-death threateningly hard? I am far against polygamy. But guys, come on! Cut all the payung-emas crap; cause we'll go straight to hell if we have even the slightest heartfelt over it. To 'enable' the wives the payung emas, the husband himself must be a good Muslim, a good servant.

I am not against polygamy. I am against those stupid guys who misused this Sunnah and suppressed their wives out there.



Cedric said…
Aiyaa.. Chill ler..
'Aini said…
I am chill.. to the spine :p
kak aini... sy sokong dgn spanduk dan banner!

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