The New Moon and Bella


It's 13 November 2009. I saw a crescent moon this morning from one of my home's window... just like the one for Twilight Saga New Moon. Unfortunately, I forget to capture the moment. *Ugh!!!*

13 days to go before New Moon Malaysia's premier.
Oh, can 26 November please come faster! It's unbearable, this longing and waiting. This is madness.

I am in need to get this New Moon out of my system so that I can continue with my task.

More and more of New Moon on the net each single day. More pictures, more posters, more merchandises, more Kristen, more Edward, and more Jacob. News is flooding my Facebook page from both Twilight and Twilight Examiner. But, the fans would agree with me: We never had enough :D

I'm looking forward to watch the break up scene and the saddest period in Bella's life. Kristen made it so real and I can't wait to feel the "big hole has been punched through my chest" sensation. Kristen's been explaining the break up scene in her interviews - making New Moon even more tempting that ever. I must say, Kristen Stewart is a great actress. [I just realized that Twilight Saga is all about Bella, not Edward]

Another scene I'm dying to watch is the cliff diving. New Moon is nothing to compare with "you jump, I jump" phrase. Bella [really] jump off a cliff into cold water on a stormy day - to hear Edward's voice. Yes, Edward... She was risking her life just to hear your "beautiful, velvet" voice. Even though the scene was filmed in a set and make-real by CGI, it's the moment when every strong woman out there would understand - we're strong, and patient, but all have limits… and here I am pushing myself over the limit - loving and missing you.

Well, I still say that this year and the years ahead IS Kristen Stewart's. I'm beginning to love her as much as I'm beginning to accept Bella. Believe it or not, Kristen IS Bella, she evolved together with the Saga as Bella with Edward.

Tomorrow is another day of waiting.So looking forward to watch New Moon and Isabella Marie Swan.



yes, we all have our limits and not many understand what we have to go through to avoid the option of leaving because it hurts to stay on.
I'm thinking I gotta check out this New Moon thingy
'Aini said…
yep. u got tht right. ppl always see strong women as forever strong. NM is great!

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