The Stephanie Meyer


I've just finished watching Stephanie Meyer's interview in the Oprah Winfrey Show; on Youtube.


I don't know who Stephanie Meyer is to others, but she is special to me. She's the author who lured me to start reading English fiction and apparently a combustion of love for reading. Before Twilight Saga, I only read [mostly] non-fictions and fictions that were in line with self-improvement or psychology - stuff like Mitch Albom. But never like Twilight Saga - an epic of something impossible to exist - and other novels.

Thanks to her, my reading frenzy is [insanely] increasing. I feel like forcing her to write new books every month so that I can have material to read. Hahahaha!

She's a phenomenon!

She's a 35 years old stayed-at-home mom turn multi gazillionaire. Despite that she never read vampire books - the only genre she never read - she didn't even write a journal about herself and she never even write a single short story before Twilight Saga. Eventually, Stephanie doesn’t even plan to be an author. [A cute jokes when she said that everyone knows that writing is a bad way to make a living. Ha ha. Gazillionaire!]

She just loves reading. She read Gone with the Wind and Pride and Prejudice at 8! Twilight was only a "dream catalogue" and was only to reconnect to herself. She shared that her boys were having health problem and "none of them slept through the night until they were 2" and she's losing herself at that moment. I like the part when Oprah mention the fact about women like Stephanie - a house wife with 3 boys - "doing the hardest job on earth, staying at home, taking care of their children, and trying to do that well - lose themselves." It is! I guess Twilight is the greatest connection ever :D

"Mama Oprah, you should try it because it's a delicious reading.", said one of Oprah's daughter.

Towards the end, there was a teleconference with Twi-Fans from Bolivar Middle School. There the Twilight Saga has "created culture of literacy", "spread like wildfire", and "it rekindle the love of reading among teachers and students". The library even has a waiting list of thousands for the book - 600 complete sets of Twilight Saga will be send to them!

I couldn't agree more on the stuff shared during the interview. They were all so true. Maybe Twi-Fans just have the same brainwave all around the world [so what?!]. Twilight Saga IS like a wild fire. The word "spreading" suits it very much. And, it is as dangerous as the vampire venom. Once bitten, forever you'll belong to the vampire world.



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