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Si Kecil Bernama Wisdom

"Love conquers all things except poverty and toothache."
- Mae West


Memang tak pernah faham kenapa gigi geraham bongsu disebut sebagai "wisdom tooth". Hahaha. Tapi selepas pembedahan kecil untuk mengeluarkan salah satu gigi geraham bongsu semalam, I think I can understand the wisdom part a little bit better. Yes. I had my wisdom tooth extracted yesterday. It was definitely a journey full of wisdom! A minor oral surgery - with document to sign, local anesthetic, *drilling* and stitching. Lebih lagi bila bangun pagi tadi dengan rahang kanan yang bengkak dan sakit - one cheek chipmunk, indeed.

Dental stuff makes me nervous. Menunggu giliran di Jabatan Pembedahan Mulut, Hospital Pulau Pinang adalah sangat mendebarkan. Even scarier than a morgue, I told Mr. T. Bagus juga dapat berbual ringan dengan beliau. The conversation distracted me from the uneasy feeling. While I was driving to hospital, I told myself that I can undergo this procedure. This is nothing compare to child birth (!). Sebab tu aku ketawa kecil ketika menandatangani dokumen pembedahan kecil - macam nak undergo C-section. Hehehe.

Alhamdulillah, Allah mempermudahkan urusan aku. Ditakdirkan juga dapat doktor dan Pembantu Perubatan yang baik. Dr. Rebecca dan Encik Pembantu Perubatan memainkan peranan yang sangat penting dalam prosedur ni. It doesn't make it less horror, but they make a better third molar extraction experience for me. Terbaring di situ dengan goggle merah (can you guess why it is red?) dan tangan yang menggeletar, I don't need more pressure from my environment. Both of them were very sweet, gentle and positive. Not only that, they are very skillful. I *believe* I am in good hands.

Sesetengah daripada kita agak skeptikal dengan fasiliti kerajaan. Aku pun, pada mulanya. Tapi perkhidmatan yang ditawarkan di Hospital Pulau Pinang amat baik. Tidak ada rungutan and it only cost me RM55. Same procedure would cost me around RM600 in private dental facility - with same story and after surgery effect minus waiting time. And I have heard "stories" about it. Semuanya bergatung kepada rezeki.

I have survive the procedure. Sekarang nak tunggu gusi dan rahang pulih pulak. The moment the anesthetic effect wears off, the procedure seems nothing. Hahaha. Sakit betul rahang dan gusi. I am so hungry and I am near gastritis - especially with painkiller - but I just can't eat properly. Merasa la makan makanan bayi berusia 6 bulan... malam tadi kisar nasi dengan kentang yang digoreng dengan bawang merah dan bawang putih. Sedap, tapi tak berselera. Pagi tadi bersarapan dengan nestum saja. Sekarang sedang fikir nak kisar nasi dengan apa pulak - carrot maybe?
Sakit pun perlu kreatif :)

Wisdom - Nanti fikir lepas sakit kurang lagi.



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