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Rant on Ahmad Ziyad and the Guys

Takde kaitan. I just love dinosaurs and especially *this*
Hahahahahaha :p
Emosional betul dengan pengakhiran drama bersiri "Asam Pedas Untuk Dia" hari ni. Eeeeeeee. Geramnya dengan Ahmad Ziyad. Larat dia biar je Syafinas herdik Ainin Sofiya macam tu. My goodness! Hello Encik Ziyad, Ainin tu *isteri* awak tau walaupun awak rahsia dan sorokkan. Tak berasa dayus ke berperangai macam tu? Si Ainin tu pun dah kenapa? Terima je perangai si Ziyad yang macam tu. Ish. Sengal.
Bengkak hati.

Memang tak boleh la dengan lelaki yang langsung tak boleh diharapkan untuk mempertahankan wanita. Bukanlah mesti jadi hebat dalam seni mempertahankan diri dan sebagainya. When I said protect, not just physically but also emotionally dan mentally. Macam kes Ahmad Ziyad hari ni. I wish he would say something to Syafinas. Even if Ainin is not his wife, Syafinas's attitude is *unacceptable* to other human being. Pffftt. And ewwwww.

It's okay if he is not perfect. I am not perfect too. It's okay is he could not throw punches effectively and would lose a fight. It's okay if he is so timid, people would occasionally make fun of him. It's okay if he is not a man of power. It's okay if he is clumsy.

As long as he can make me feel safe. Cukuplah kalau seorang lelaki boleh buat seorang wanita berasa selamat. Perasaan yakin yang kita boleh harapkan si dia bila-bila masa je. Bukanlah sampai tak boleh berenggang. He don't have to be there, but you know he is always *there* for you. Faham?

Dalam hidup aku, antara perasaan yang aku tak suka ialah perasaan yang aku terpaksa berhadapan dengan sesuatu keadaan seorang diri. The feeling of someone stepping out from the ring, leaving me alone. *Ditinggalkan*. Keadaan macam tu sangat sedih. Huhuhu. I definitely do not like the person -- boy or girl -- that makes me feel like that. Orang macam tu akan buat aku nampak lebih berusia, menyebabkan kulit aku kering dan aku hilang seri. In short, they upset me.

Enough with my rant. Nak fokus tonton drama. Sebenarnya nak ignore kain baju yang perlu dilipat. Hahaha. Dengan perangai macam *ni* macam mana lah nak dapat calon suami terbaik kan. ‘Aini oh ‘Aini.



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