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MH370: Setahun dan Masih Mencari


Masih ingat bagaimana anda menerima berita kehilangan MH370? Though I don't have vivid memory about it, but it will forever be in my mind.

8 Mac 2014 adalah pagi Sabtu yang tipikal. I think I overslept a bit after Fajr prayer. Terbangun kerana perlu mengecas telefon bimbit. Rancangan Nasi Lemak Kopi O sedang bersiaran. Sebaik sahaja duduk di sofa di ruang tamu, terdengar pengacara rancangan menyebut tentang kehilang pesawat MAS.


I was not paying attention to the show, so I thought I misheard the news. Rasa terhenti sekejap masa bila aku fokus betul-betul terhadap berita yang dibacakan. I quickly stood up to get my phone - to Google it. At that time, I don't even get the flight number correctly. But as wrong as the flight number could be, the search result was flooded with news about the missing of MH370.

Is this for real?
It must be some typical miscommunication, right?
The flight must have made emergency landing somewhere and waiting to be found and we're being unnecessarily panic about it... kan?

I am a fan of Air Crash Investigation on Discovery Channel. I have seen what happen to those flights and people. No way this is happening to a Malaysian flight. No. Aku tak dapat nak letakkan Malaysia dalam keadaan tersebut. I could not imagine how Malaysia would deal with this case. True enough, we were not in our best shape at the beginning of the crisis. But we improved throughout the timeline.

I remember being so emotional when I watched the press conference later on that day and each that passed -- with more press conference, angry family and relatives, a circus of attacking reporters, delicious conspiracy theory, endless professional discussion -- without one important thing: MH370. Well, I am still emotional up until today. But who doesn't, kan?

Melalui kehilangan M370 lah kita belajar banyak perkara... Tentang dunia penerbangan, khususnya. Tentang undang-undang antarabangsa. Tentang kerenah birokrasi di peringkat yang lebih tinggi. Tentang teknologi. Tentang keselamatan negara kita. Tentang negara kita, rakyat yang kita kongsi bumi dan langit bersama, serta masyarakat yang tinggal di sekeliling kita. Kita mlihat siapa kawan dan siapa lawan; dengan siapa kita telah buat kawan melalui kebaikan telah kita lakukan.

Dan yang paling penting, kita beramai-ramai dibawa kembali mengingati Allah, Tuhan Pemilik Sekelian Alam.

Dah genap setahun.

I never thought the SAR will lasts for one year. I thought we will find it. Soon. I even dreamed of the day MH370 finally being found. But until today, there is no positive update about it. Not even a tiny piece of it. But we will continue to search. We will continue to pray to Allah for the best condition of the missing MH370.

MH370. Allah bersamamu. Doa kami juga bersamamu dan orang yang sayang kepadamu.



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