This weekend I was blessed with the chance to attend a dakwah training. Furthermore, Allah has granted my wish to ask for dakwah tips for introverts from the speaker.

But what I am going to share in this entry is his advice about marriage - tips cari jodoh. Dari jauh tips ni datang, spontan dan tiba-tiba masa beliau menjawab soalan aku.

Katanya, forget about background. As if to say, don't think too much. Tak perlu nak fikir banyak sangat tentang kriteria. Marriage is not build only with a 100% perfect person. Tak ada manusia yang sempurna dalam dunia ni. If a person is 80% good (Islamic-comply), accept him/her and hold on to that 80%. The 20% ambiguous about him/her is what a married couple should work for. Meaning, that is where we completes each other.

We fall in love with opposite strength; we go home to live with opposite weaknesses. Terasa rangkap ni sangat siknifikan hari ni. Earlier today, someone said something similar to this - about complementing each other. It hits very close to home as I am in a deep thought about this matter. No proposal, just a provocative question that I believe is worth to think of. Might save the time in the future… Who knows kan?

Complementing each other is only one the thing in that 20%. Kita perlu juga beri komitmen terhadap sesuatu perhubungan. Commitment is a strong word, because it represent your presence. You can only fulfill your responsibility if you are *presence* in the relationship. You need to be presence to value your relationship - through hardships, wrinkles and boroi. So that you don't just have a change of heart over petty stuff.

Have you ever feel like you are following a trail of clues, but in the same time you are aware that you’re clueless? Welcome to the club.



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