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Bercanda :D

I was eating La Boheme's vanilla muffin with a glass of skim milk while watching a football match between Selangor and JDT; and my 6 years younger only sister was dealing with her nervousness -- she need to tell Abah that her boyfriend's family is coming to discuss about the future of their relationship. Hahahahaha. Lawak betul rasanya.

I know I know. I shouldn't laugh. But I can't help myself. Bukanlah tak kesian. Hehehe. It is unusual for her to act like this. I mean she doesn’t always do what Abah wants nor that she doesn’t do what Abah forbid. Plus, she is the favorite daughter. I don't see any problem for them to start a conversation that finally leads to the news. It is not that their relationship is a secret anyway.
What I don't like about all this, is the fact that she is edging towards what she does best -- letting other people to do the important job -- me, to drop the bomb.

This would be a lot simpler to me. Frankly, I think I won't even break a sweat about it. But that is not the point. She needs to deliver this news herself. Why? Because we, the Aton family, have a very delicate feeling and we easily hurt by secondhand news. This is not just news. This is BIG news. Abah need to know firsthand. Kalau Abah dapat berita ni dari kami, most probably Abah akan kecil hati. Bila kecil hati ni, faham-faham je lah kan... Sudahlah hati memang tak berkenan.

Though I laugh and not appropriately show my sympathy to her, I understand a small portion of it. I remember the first time ‘he’ sent his regard to Mak and Abah... It feels like a job for a spy. Ambil masa yang agak lama jugak la baru dapat sampaikan. As expected, Mak dan Abah nak tahu kawan mana yang kirim salam. Then the interrogation begins. Mak was cool about it. Abah... Abah memang selamanya agak strict dengan aku bila berkaitan dengan kawan-kawan lelaki.
And *that* was nothing close to what my sister is dealing with now. I do empathize her.

I think I will have the same nervousness when my time comes. It would be super awkward because Abah and I don't have the typical father-daughter relationship. Tak pernah kot kami bercakap dari hati ke hati. Yer lah... Masing-masing keras hati, masing-masing berlagak tough. I visualized me telling Abah that I am getting married many times and it's hard every time. For that, I believe I need a gentleman that is brave enough to personally talk to Abah -- man to man. It is not guaranteed; Abah never said anything about his preferences. Tapi naluri aku rasa Abah prefer menantu yang macam tu -- yang bersungguh dengan kata dan niatya, yang boleh buat Abah yakin mampu jaga anak dara orang, yang beradab bila meminta.

*That* is among the criteria (jeng jeng jeng)

I hope my sister can deliver the news as soon as possible. We don't have much time. Walaupun keluarga sana sekadar datang merisik, tapi kami keluarga perempuan perlu jugak siapkan apa yang patut. Tambah lagi ada hati yang perlu dipujuk... In moment like this, I wish Mak is here. Badly.  Mesti takkan macam ni... We can talk and discuss about almost anything with mother, agree? *sigh*

31 is old enough to be a parent, but I doubt I am old enough to think about a child's marriage. Wouldn't you agree with me? Huhuhuhu. I want to marry off my sister every single day since the day we know about their relationship. Kata aku, itu my maternal instinct. Tapi sebenarnya aku jadi pening dan risau. But I guess when you're a parent -- a father to be specific -- there are things that you need to consider that is beyond a child's imagination. Aku faham sebahagia kecil daripada batu-batu besar yang menghalang Abah untuk berlapang hati dengan berita ni... Dalam masa yang sama, aku juga percaya all we need to do is sit down and calmly discuss about this.

Being the big sister slash the first child, sooner or later Abah would ask my opinion. If everything went well, I have a wedding to plan. Oh~! Bukanlah aku ni kakak atau anak sulung terbaik di dunia, tapi aku cuba;)

Semoga Allah mempermudahkan urusan ini ke atas keluarga kami. Amiin Allahhumma Amiin.



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