Lemon and Wisdom

“Yes no yes no yes no?
Red blue?
Yes red, no blue?
No red, yes no?
In out, up down?
Do don't, can can't?
Choices sit on the shelf life
New shoes in a shoe shop.
If the in crowds are squeezing into a must-have shoe
And the one pair left are too tiny for you
Don't feel compelled into choosing them
If you're really a size 9, buy that size.
While everyone else
Hobbles round with sore feet
Your choices should feel comfortable
Or they aren't your choices at all.
Why limp when you can sprint?”
― David Baird, Fiesta of Happiness: Be True to Yourself


I recently feel like I might have misprogrammed some part of myself.
I should have programmed myself with lesser:

I should just be a normal human being; not a person with dreams of making world a better place and spreading love everywhere I go.

Sometimes the world makes you crazy and you've taken all you can bear (True Colors, Phil Collins) -- that's when I will consider the good-girl-gone-bad option. Many have walked the path and they're doing fine. Why can't I?

But because I am thick of everything good -- though I am no saint -- I just can't. It is the feeling of defeat that stops me, every single time. It feels *wrong* to give up when life give you lemons; tons of it. It's just *lemons*.

You can spend your whole life building something from nothing; one storm can come and blow it all away. Build it anyway.
You can chase a dream that seems so out of reach, and you know it might not ever come your way. Dream it anyway.
This world's gone crazy and it's hard to believe that tomorrow will be better than today. Believe it anyway.
You can love someone with all your heart for all the right reasons, and in a moment they can choose to walk away. Love them anyway. (Anyway, Martina McBride)

The most important thing, Islam and Rasulullah S.A.W never taught us, Muslims, to retaliate in such manner. Islam, through Al-Quran and Sunnah has taught us beautiful wisdom to guide us through everything in this temporary journey. Don't you want to follow this wisdom, 'Aini?

Life *is* a test. Be on Allah's side - The Creator of all tests.



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