Oh Ramadhan


My sister and I were on our way to buy cooking stuff when she jumped over the Iftar buffet promotion hangin outside a restaurant. Right there and then, it felt so wrong. Can it be, somewhere between the lines, we have misunderstood the objective of Ramadhan?

Ramadhan is not about food, it's not about eating. Ramadhan is about not eating, it’s about eating less. Ramadhan is about resisting over temptations and for us to reflect. It is to teach us to be grateful and to build empathy within ourselves - this is what famine feels. It is to remind us that the thirst in Mahsyar is greater than what we feel during fasting. I got a feeling that, if a child is ask about the meaning of Ramadhan, the child might answer that Ramadhan is a month full of food, rare special food. So I personally find banquet festivals should not be the main topic during Ramadhan. Instead, the trend is bothering me.

We are saying that it is to show our appreciation and to welcome Ramadhan. Did any of us ever think that Rasulullah cheer Ramadhan with less food and more ibadah?

Let's think about that.



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