Missing Her


I miss Mak last night. Really, really miss her. I am not usually melancholy over missing her, but there are times when I became aware of her presence and her lost. It's like when you never had small fights, and then it will be a huge fight.

It is another Ramadhan without her. I'm missing, we're missing her cooking. Mak usually will make time to cook this one dish for sahur - deep fried anchovies with potatoes in sambal. Nyum nyum! It's just a simple dish, but requires patience and time and determination. I hate the part where everything needs to be slowly deep fried. Tedious! I don't know how Mak can cope with that. Maybe to prepare something that her fussy children would eat was her motivation... Because we always steal the anchovies and potatoes, the output usually half of the input :P Hahaha~

The memory of Mak always motivates me in family related matter. She makes me want to devote more to my family and to start my own family. The latter always resonate more. I want to have my own family. One thing that I learn from Mak, keeping together a family is tough. But if we determine to make it work, it will work, InshaAllah.



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