Curious Driver


Curiosity kills a cat.
Curious driver cause traffic jam.
A bad one :p

I think all drivers know exactly what I mean. That is, if you falls in the less curious group. Don't we hate to be stuck in a traffic jam, wondering what had happened, only to found out later that the scene already moved and you are wasting your time tailing over curious-slow drivers. Hah. Annoying, I'd say.

To the curious drivers, who might think they are being caring, please stop it. If you are that curious, you might want to properly stop your car and offer the help. Staring didn't do much. If you only want to know, well, that's why we have reporters and media. Daa! Get going and have the news.

Unfortunate events do not require audience. Please show some respect. What would you feel if people are doing that to the unfortunate you, glaring and staring and taking pictures? Like I said, if you want to help, then help.

This is me, pissed off, again, in another series of Penang Bridge traffic jam.



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