Princess 13


Once upon a time, words were said and promises were made, bound with the spell of Friday the 13th. Eyes to eyes, heart to heart, but the Lord's plan can't be denied. Thus a Princess's heart bleed and a Knight lost his shiny armor. Two hearts beat their separate way, following what their Lord will. Millions of years here come another Friday the 13th. The Princess awakes and shed tears, for her broken heart still bleed. To shed tears over broken words, she’s not proud. For time move on, memories fade, new future created… and Princess refuse to stay. Over passing time she cast a spell and seals it with a promise she would try to keep: “Give this heart a year to find her way, to understand what is hurting her and to find the remedy she needs”.



princess 27 took 3years to mend her broken heart... :p and she would be very happy to know that princess 13 still kickin.. :)
'Aini said…
Hehehe.. really? Erm.. Let see how the spell worked first~

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