It is normal to have a crush on the opposite gender.
People have crush on opposite gender all the time.

Okay, after 6 years I accidentally 'found' my crush. He marries his one and only campus-girlfriend [that I know] and they have a lovely daughter. He's still the same person and the person I pictured him to be - loving, romantic, a good husband, and a guy with a career he loves. It was a great feeling to know that at least I was right about one guy on this earth. And I am happy for his wife and I still believe they belong together.

Thinking back, my crushes - not that I have much - ended up great! Those were good guys I met all these years and they take that responsibility.
Irony, ha? Hahahaha.
I see rainbow above their wives and I know someone is seeing a rainbow above me, too.
Again, this is a call. There are good people out there and happiness is not a fairytale.

It's just not my time yet.
One day, InsyaAllah, I'll have those pictures!



i have one crush too back in highschool. and he is the only one i had good memories about man. ^^
CiziWejes said…
Ahahaha! Maybe next time if you got a crush on someone, take the first move. Don't wait for him to come to you.

My instinct on crushes didn't end up so well. Most of the crushes were just a crash! It's an irony that I end up being with the one I used to bicker and fight with, LOL.
'Aini said…
Hehehe. I had crushes on great guys. Almost all of them (yg tak lost contact la) mmg ended up to be great guys. Dah kawen, dah ada anak. So far, these are my most lovable memories about guys..

Kakhairi: tht's a problem.. I don't do tht :D hehehe~
s'luriahk said…
wht about me ?? hehehe....woops....
'Aini said…
encik ikmal... encik ikmal.. :p wahahahahaha~

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