Klik! Klik! Train Girl @ Lost World of Tambun


Since Maz, Ikmal and Kamal were hooked up to their swimming activity, I spent my time alone capturing visitors' expression -- most of the time chasing children. Hehehe. Later in the evening, I decide to ride the train. Fortunately, the carriage in front of me was hosted by a family with a daughter. This lovely girl was shy, but after the first click she posed naturally for me. I am so grateful!

Chasing children was hectic but fun. You might get lucky and get to capture priceless emotions. But there disadvantages -- you might have to face parents' reaction [it was satisfying if parents let you take their child's picture] and you can get unlucky and what you chased turn into something you don't like.

My experience with this lovely girl was priceless. When children look back to you and let you take their pictures, nothing could compare the feeling.

I wish there's a way to thank her...So here are the pictures of her -- all with different pose and expression…


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