Klik! Klik! Children


These children were so nice for allowing me to take their pictures. It is a satisfaction to be able to freeze these moments.
Sejuk hati memandang budak-budak ni…


Picture 1
This lovely girl was attending SCH Wajadiri 2010 at KUIN, Alor Setar, Kedah. This is my first shot of her. I did not notice it, but her dress is exactly like mine. Coincidence? I'd say it was a sweet one!

Picture 2
Rini and I were testing our new DSLR at Teluk Tempoyak and this lovely girl was at the nearby playground with her mother and brother. My first shot on her as well. I love her expression.

Picture 3
These two boys were sitting on a slide. Upon seeing me with my D5000, they too, cooperate and allow me to capture this moment.

Picture 4 and 5
A group of boys was digging sand -- sounds like boys to me. Hehehe. They were so happy that I can't help but try my best to capture their smile and giggles. Of course, they were all okay but towards the end they tried to involve me in their sand-throwing game. Aha! Not a chance :p


s'luriahk said…
aha....klik klik jugak yea
'Aini said…
yer.. hidup mesti tiru yg pro... mcm hg :p wahahahaha
Azra said…

the faces of the next generation. Or maybe my students in the next 12-15 years, hahaha
'Aini said…
they'd be gald to be your student, darling :D
I'm not sure I'd be 'this' nice after 12-15 years of teaching, hahaha!
'Aini said…
Hahahaha.. ilmu tu yg penting... :D
KC said…
Not bad for a novice :-)
'Aini said…
Well, thank you :D

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