Not Worth...


What is not going to happen and have no possibility to happen at all is not worth to try and to think. Even there exists the tiniest possibility, as long as it is hard to do, then it is still not worth to try and to think.

Don’t start a fire. Fire burns everything in its way.


somehow, this becomes the story of my life.
I wish my heart listens more to my head.
~I scold myself, "boleh tak jangan mintak apa yang orang xleh bagi?"
but to no avail. I still fall into the hole, time and time again.
misery loves company, eh?
'Aini said…
Sigh. I started to feel that love is like that. Sometime I wonder if I one day will stop believing in in love... what if I do? Huhuhu.
Leesa.Maz said…
don't stop believing...don't give up on love just yet.. day you'll find love.
'Aini said…
Kak Maz. Not yet. Never, I hope. Huhuhu~
CiziWejes said…
love doesn't mean one thing my dear..people can say they had stopped believing in love, but never did actually.

Love is all around u. And it doesn't come from only one person. There's love in the eyes of a child, there's love in the voice a friend..there's love in faces that you know.

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