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Sumbangnya Dejavu Di Kinabalu



Terasanya belum pernah lagi perkata di atas dijadikan sebahagian daripada status FB. But I just could not help myself from using that term when this drama goes from cheap (it's a Malay version of Summer Scent, duh!) straight into the drain.

It bothers me when they make it look so original like "idea asal by bla bla bla" when it clearly a remake. Fine. We have seen remakes of great drama and movies. I could live with that and not that I'm gonna stick to watching it anyway. [Being able to write about it does not make me a 'fan'. How can you ignore when you are sitting with a group of people watching it?]

Yang menjadikan drama ini bongok ialah bila banyak sangat adegan-adegan yang clearly against our culture, not to mention, Islam. To name some - Inara in Ammar's bedroom hanging her pictures, Ammar and Nadira spending their night together in the middle of a bonfire(?), Nadira and Ammar alone in a room (where Nadira supposed to decorate), Nadira comforting Ammar in his house (again, alone) - and up to yesterday's episode where a father could just walk away leaving his daughter bertepuk tampar with a guy not yet a her husband. Itu belum sebut tentang clubbing scene and all. Top to toe, it is a disgrace.

It is heart crushing when a group of Muslims could produce such unhealthy drama.
So what are you trying to voice out people...? That khalwat is okay? That love is everything? That it is that okay untuk berdua-duaan dengan yang bukan mahram as long as you know what you're doing and you know your limit? That this is the acceptable upbringing for the new century? That it is no longer matter what Allah has said?!

I am not accusing anyone for anything. My mind wonders along that trail; what are you trying to achieve from your 'effort'.

And when I Google it, I am shock that viewers actually love the show. My apology that I need to use the word disgusting.


Mencurahkan perasaan di blog ini sekadar melontarkan seketul batu yang kecil ke lautan. What I said here will not make big impact. I don't have the voice or the influence. I keep hoping somebody with louder voice and higher stance would step up and say something about this drama.

Bila Allah beri bakat dan kedudukan, momentum and magnitude, seharusnya digunakan untuk kebaikan. Untuk berdakwah dengan mengajak ke jalan menuju redhaNya. I believe that.

I am no one, but at least I make my stand.
For me, ia bukan setakat sumbang, tetapi sundal.

To those who love the drama, I am sorry if I offended your feeling by sharing mine. But I won't take back or change my thought.

To those who are with me, let us pray.
Panjatkan doa semoga Allah mudahkan jalan menujuNya, cerahkan mata hati yang kabur, kekalkan dalam hidayahNya dan mohon kesejahteraan.



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