Forza Azzurri -- Congrats & Thank You

What a game!

Almost drop my jaw for the first goal.
Bit my fingers for the second goal.
Lost my words when Thiago Motta left the game.
Experienced vertigo for the third goal.
Lie down for the fourth.

Full time:
Italy 0 - 4 Spain ( Silva 14' | Jordi Alba 41' | Torres 84' | Juan Mata 88' )

Football heart break is genuine heart break.
Especially when two sweethearts fight against each other.
Can't you two just be in one team?! (sincerely me, being silly~)

It is heart crushing to see Buffon leading the squad for their silver medallion.
It is epic to see Casillas with the trophy.
It would be more epic to see Buffon with the trophy ^_____^ v

Winning EUFA EURO 2012 is important for both Italy and Spain. Italy to wins after 44 years and Spain to wins their third European title consequently. My darling Azzurri has given their best; but best men win (better men win?). La Roja definitely deserve the title. We have seen how determination being redefined by Spain in World Cup 2010. They did it again last night, proving they are the best football team in the world.

Congratulations to Spain for the European title hat trick.
Congratulations and big thank you to Italy for being in the final.

Though they were defeated (thrashed 0-4 some media said), I believe the Azzurri has shown great performance. They take risk and played the game differently from their usual defensive religion. There is hope for better Azzurri - another reason for fans to keep on supporting them. Furthermore, for once the Azzurri gives impression that they could win the title and make the neutrals to consider choosing them over Spain.

It is just not their time, yet.
And yes, still a pround Azzurri fan! *wink*

[The ever inspiring] Gianluigi Buffon, Italy captain:
"It's ended badly because we faced a great team who deserved to win. Sometimes in life you need to be able to accept defeat and compliment opponents who were better. They have a lot of players who are accustomed to playing certain types of games, important games like the final of a European Championship. I think at the start we paid for this because we were not the same Italy as we have been. We have nothing to complain about. Spain were the better team and we congratulate them."

"It hurts this way. The game was already over after the first half. With Italy reduced to ten men after 61 minutes, the Spanish dominated the game and won a historical third trophy in a row." Gazzetta dello Sport, Italy

"Italy, don't cry. The Azzurri were tired and reduced to ten men for almost half an hour, and they go home with a 4-0 loss that cannot make us forget a thrilling tournament. [Giorgio] Chiellini and Thiago Motta's injuries were decisive." Tuttosport, Italy
(Source: Europe's papers shower Spain with praise)



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