Breaking Off Flower

Breaking Off Flowers
Written by Lee Kyu Bo, a famous poet during Goryeo Dynasty who lived from 1169 to 1241
from Rooftop Prince Ep. 1
Credit to: Drama Haven

"The peony blossoms hold dew, like grains of pearl
The beautiful lady breaks off and picks the blossom, and passes before a window
Holding onto a smile, she asks her husband
Is the flower prettier or is my countenance prettier
The husband teases her on purpose, saying
For prettiness, I would say, the flower and its stem would win
The beautiful lady became jealous at the winning of flower
Stepping and destroying the flower with its stem, saying
If the flower is prettier than concubine
Tonight, sleep together with the flower"

* I particularly love Bu-yong. And this poem reading scene is one of my favourite ^______^ *


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