The Time Traveler's Wife [424]: Babies


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~ The broken clock is a comfort, it helps me sleep tonight, Maybe it can stop tomorrow from stealing all my time~

"CLARE: I was completely drunk with the notion of a baby: a baby that looked sort of Henry, black hair and those intense eyes and maybe very pale like me and smelled like milk and talcum powder and skin, a sort of dumpling baby, gurgling and laughing at everyday stuff, a monkey baby, a small cooing sort of baby. I would dream about babies. In my dreams I would climb a tree and find a very small shoes in a nest; I would suddenly discover that the cat/book/sandwich I thought I was holding was really a baby; I would be swimming in the lake and find a colony of babies growing at the bottom. (...) I wanted someone to love who would stay: stay and be there, always. And I wanted Henry to be in this child, so that when he was gone he wouldn't be entirely gone, there would be a bit of him with me... insurance, in case of fire, flood, act of God." pg. 357-358.

Clare had 6 miscarriages; the 6th was the worse; I felt electrocuted. The baby travel out of Clare!

"CLARE: It's lying on the bed. There's some blood, but not so much. It's lying on its back, trying to breathe, its tiny rib cage quivering, but it's too soon, it's convulsing, and blood is gushing from the cord in time with the beating of its heart." pg. 415

[Stopped at pg. 424]

My reading is a little bit tense lately; as tense as Clare and Henry. They keep losing the babies - Clare's been bleeding and crying, Henry's been blaming himself. They were fighting.

It was very frustrating; but Henry and Clare will have a daughter - Alba DeTamble :) I adjourn my reading there and will be anxious the whole day, hoping to get home ASAP to continue reading it - pg. 425: Alba, An Introduction. Well, as you might as well guess, I have peek through the nicest chapters.. Hahaha.

Babies were created with charm. Those tiny, little fingers, they grab you by the heart and you can't escape forever.

Tulips bloom
Petals by baby's toe
Heart mends and soften



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