Bye 2009 Hey 2010


2009 was a tough year.
What can I say about 2009? Now that it has come to the end what can I say about it - can't hate it, didn't love it either. Life-changing events has happen the most this year. Those events were events that flexed every cell in me, changing me.

It's a good improvement, though. If I were a house, architecturally I am better. I am a new person; a better person - wiser and stronger - even not the most. I feel... different and weird sometime - like a brand new doll. A sensation, if you ask me.

Oh well. InsyaAllah, years are yet to come for me. So far, Allah's plan goes great for me. I am living and breathing because of Him and that is the reason to keep on fighting in this temporary world.

Happy New Year 2010 all!
May Allah bless each days that already passed and may He bless each coming days :D



maz said…
Nak tengok, tapi tak tau bila....nampak menarik sangat
fleur vinca said…
yup...nk tgk...maybe dlm masa tdekat ni...try..hehe
fleur vinca said…
avatar... rasanya kami comment pd post avatar tp keluar kt sini plk... adeh!
'Aini said…
hehehe. dah agak dah. itu yg pelik tu...

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