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Avatar - Movie Review


The best Sci-Fi movie!

I love every part of it.
Pandora; especially.
The expression, Neytiri specifically.
The technologies.
The music.
The language - that is specially created by a linguistic professor.
What not to like about Avatar? :D

Back at office, I watched the Making of Avatar. I am awed by James Cameron's determination to make Avatar happen. James, you are right to wait (since 1994) for the technology to catch up with you vision of this film.
I am not surprise why I like the facial expression so very much. Special camera was used to capture the facial expressions. That is a WOW; I am all aching to see/hold/learn the camera.

Experiencing Pandora

Pandora was a fascinating place. It's a place that only exists in imagination rather than outer space. The vibrant colors left audience speechless. At first you'll only see green everywhere, thick-mysterious-and-danger forest. But when the night came, you'll see the real Pandora.

The idea was that life in Pandora is like a chain. A balance. A cycle. What's given will have to be given back to nature. Neytiri represent Pandora's spirit very well. I remember stepping into the world of Pandora while Neytiri mourn over the creature she killed to safe Jake and when she said: “this is not something you thanked for, this is sad... They aren’t supposed to die”.

My advice, please open up yourself to Pandora. Don't be an imagination killer by arguing whether Pandora and the Na'vi make sense. Don't argue on the possibilities of having the Avatar project real. Enjoy Pandora. Be Jake - join the Omaticaya clan as empty cup and explore Pandora from their eyes.

Experiencing Love

Pandora itself was a lovable place. You fall in love with Pandora. You want to be there.

From the curiosity of science, Grace and her team explore Pandora. She knows it by heart, she give in her life to Pandora. She dies defending Pandora.

The ways Neytiri interact with Pandora define a true and pure relationship. I am not sure if they hired a body language expert or am I just too sensitive about it; but yes, Neytiri signifies the love the Na'vi has for Pandora. It was like she is a part of Pandora and Pandora is a part of her - as if Pandora could love her back. Another one was when the Hometree destroyed. Cries echoed and you can hear hearts broken.

Jake and Neytiri falling in love with each other are typical and predictable. There's not much to write about it, really. It's like Pocahontas, alien version. But still, their love was beautiful. It's the kind of love you can feel reaching and touching your heart.

If you are at Jake's place, you'll believe that falling in love with the Na'vi (not even Neytiri) is impossible. If you are at Neytiri's place, there's no space at all for a creature like Jake. So what makes a creature named Jake special or a blue-glittering alien beautiful?
I don't know about Jake, but Neytiri is a beautiful character for me. She's as beautiful as Pandora.

Falling in love in Pandora is beautiful.

Dialogue, Language and Culture

James Cameron said: "We're creating an entire world, a complete ecosystem of phantasmagorical plants and creatures, and a native people with a rich culture and language." (Wikipedia)

He did it!
Avatar is a new world, very much complete and real. James wrote great script. Together with Dr. Paul Frommer (linguist and Director of the Center for Management Communication at USC), they developed the Na'vi language and culture. The production team also worked with an ethnomusicologist, Wanda Bryant for the Na'vi's music culture.

There's something about the dialogue spoke by Neytiri that touches my heart... or it's the voice and diction of Zoë Saldaña. Neytiri's dialogue shows her wisdom and her status as the Omaticaya's princess.

Me and Avatar

Avatar is a product of dream and hard work. James Cameron is the big money director and the Gs represent literally through the movie.Go and watch it.



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