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Monday, 14 December 2009.
Our rented house was burgled.
I lost a Lumix FX33 digital camera - luckily the memory card was with me, my old hand phone - with all the phone numbers, birth dates and precious love messages, and a full froggy bank with estimated MYR150+ in it. Total loss: MYR2500+

It was shocking.
I came home to find Aida alone at the hall, telling me that "our house has been burgled; rooms were thrashed and Naimah lost her laptop". And I knew it, I've lost my camera and the froggy bank... and my back pack - the burglar thrashed everything inside it and used it to carry all the stolen items... and the phone - the last thing I notice. Total house loss: MYR6000+ - Iffa’s digital camera and Naimah’s laptop. What’s lost is lost. We sad and angry, but we were grateful that none of us was taking half day yesterday. I couldn’t imagine anyone of us being in the house the same time with the burglar. He might use a knife to open the doors! Alhamdulillah, Ya ALLAH…

We are redha with the happening. It was fated to happen. [I did ask Abah to find a bomoh - and I don't care even if the bomoh befriend with the other world.. Silly 'Aini :p] Of all days, yesterday was the day the grill door was not locked. There's no point (at all) to blame anybody, though, as it's everyone's responsibility.

The policemen came at 10 pm. They took pictures, draw the house plan, asking questions... even help to nailed back the door. I know it's just for documentation purposes, but I feel better when they show that they care. Maybe 4 of us looked so fragile and weak :D

They left and I was left with my topsy-turvy room. My clothes were all over the place and I have more for laundry. I hate the burglar so much! Can't he just take everything neatly??!

Sleeping was hard last night. When everyone was in their own room, the house felt especially emptier. I felt my room emptier and quieter. Lay on my bed, I said: A stranger was in this room. He walked to every corner, touching every surface; and I saw his traces, his figures. I woke up 3.30 am - shocked from a dream I can't remember and my throat was so sore.

It's scary, knowing the house you are living and the room you are sleeping - no longer a safe place. There's no place to hide since locks didn't work. This house I once called a home; feel so fragile.

"He changes all locks; only to put up more locks - lock on the doors, lock on the windows, lock on locks." ~ Ninja Assassins.

What happened was not good. But things don’t happen for nothing.
Muhasabah. Could be I miss used or offended someone all the belongings, could be the money I’ve been saving belongs to someone else or I’m about to use it for something lagha, could be I need to lose these things so that I could stay humane…
Losing valuable things was never easy, but we lost seconds each ticking clock – losing happen every second, every day. Losing teach us to appreciate.
Bad time gathers good hearts. In time like this, we stand shoulder to shoulder, we stay close heart to heart.

I pray,
May ALLAH gives us all patience, acceptance and strength to get through this…May ALLAH bless the burglar with wealth and health; so that he can stop doing this job.

1) The Lumix FX33 was my first camera. I bought it with my first working saving - cash! The idea was to capture as many moments as I can.
2) The hand phone was an old model of Nokia. It was my first new hand phone - since I've been using a second hand from the beginning. I bought it at Sarawak with my own saving and a small amount from Mak. It's precious for all messages in it - messages that I'd want to remember for all my life :(
3) The froggy bank - Elliot Moore was his name - was bought with Jehan. He was named after a character in The Happening. I was planning to bank in the money and buy something with it.



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