Under The Weather Exit Door

When you are under the weather and you did not get *the* attention from specific individuals in a list your unwell mind created:
1) Read recap on Korean drama/variety shows that make you smile/laugh
2) Listen to nice songs; songs from your *time*
3) Eat whatever food you have in mind
4) Repeat

I am not myself when I am unwell. If you think I am pushy and demanding and manja, multiply that thought by 3 - you'll get the unwell me.
Today is one of those days. *This* is what you get for being unprepared and unfit. I ran 11.8 km for Valdor Run 2015 last Sunday (19-April-2015). Yeay. Love the medal. This time, it is really blood and sweat. Jari kaki melecet sampai berdarah. Not only that, I had the worst after-run Monday yesterday. Rasa nak demam dan satu badan - bukan kaki je - sakit. Macam masuk Ultra Marathon atau Iron Man dah gayanya. Silly me. (I will properly write about the run when I am feeling better)

All I need is sleep (lots of it, maybe one hour for every liter of water I drink) and *that* particular attention as mention above. But I didn't get enough for both. On top of that, I have career hat and many other hats to wear. That's when giggling over "Grandpas Over Flowers in Greece" recap while listening to Backstreet Boys Greatest Hits helps a lot. You have no ideas how hilarious a group of people can be (Choi Ji Woo and Seo Jin). Hehehe. And it’s good to know that your heart will never be broken and that you’ll never have reason to cry! [BSB’s “I’ll Never Break Your Heart] Hey, imagination is free :p Hahaha.

Keyword: Just choose anything that makes you feel better.

Happy thoughts and brighter moods are good distraction that provides smooth transition for cognitive reframing; especially when there's a need to reduce some of the pressure from the environment. You need a lot of energy to break free from an unpleasant situation – always choose positive energy. Sometimes it is all *here* in your mind.
Break away! 


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