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A Picture with Thousand of Beautiful Comments


Alhamdulillah. Everything is getting better - health, mood, feeling, spirit... heart - all moving into a positive direction. Hari yang indah; secara spontan aku berbisik "hari yang baik untuk membuat keputusan yang baik".

I slept well last night, after weeks of sleepless nights. When you're not living the days properly, you will not be able to rest properly at night. Nursing my health conditions while juggling between career and volunteer works, I have push myself into a fatigue state over my limit. I had terrible Tuesday yesterday. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed *and* under the weather. There were hints of gastritis and I have no appetite for food. I had to forced my self to eat some breakfast before dragging my foot for work; *teary eyed*.

But somehow I manage to pull myself together and search the best from the dimension, Alhamdulillah, for the inspiration. Two Caucasian male visitors chatted about their preferable morning drink made me smile. "Hey, we should go out for some tea sometime", I thought. It's weird to be happy over this, but I feel better knowing that we share same tea opinion. Hahaha.
Logging into my laptop as expected would bring the mood down a little bit. But it goes sky high when I get the text from Kak Dillah explaining her latest charity iniative. "I was inspired by what you did in Penang", "I like the tag in the picture", showing the dakwah message I carry for running. Rasa semua penat lelah dan selesema "ditanggalkan" dari badan. I must show my support! I must contribute something!

There were hiccups along the day. Heartbreak and frustration. Sadness and unpleasant feeling. But Alhamdulillah, I manage to get through it. Sedikit demi sedikit, Allah permudahkan urusan semalam. Jiwa mula jadi lebih kuat, hati mula jadi lebih tenang. I cried a little while talking to Tok. She might not remember what I told her and what she told me, but it was calming to pour my heart out to someone. Well Tok is not just someone!
I had a surprisingly comfortable "sembang" session. I never thought I could open up to a stranger like that. A good beginning. We said good night and I goes to sleep - a deep REM sleep.

And today is a better day!  It was after rain - one of my favourite moment - and there was a huge rainbow on the sky. I am bouncing happily. Okay that make me sounds like a rabbit. Hahaha. Today is one of the day where I am genuinely happy and smiling, people just can't resist the needs to smile and response back cheerfully to me. Of course, hari macam ni adalah limited edition.

Tahu apa yang menjadikan hari ni sangat baik?
Gambar di bawah.
It's a photo from Human of New York of a two Muslims praying in Central Park. The photo is beautiful, but the comments it received even more beautiful.
There are thousands of beautiful comments from Muslims and Not Yet Muslims. Allah is enough for me; but reading those comments today where Islam is being misundertood, is... wonderful. Islamophobia exists, but we are assured that they are people who would stand with us and that we are not totally and absolutely misunderstood.
There is still hope. There is still a lot of work for each Muslims.
Do dakwah. Convey the message. Explain about Islam. Make them understand.

Original photo:
Read the comments!



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