Just Saying 2-Feb-2012

The first step to move on with life is to forgive. Until your heart forgives, she will continue to bleed. Until your heart forgives, she's miserable. Until your heart forgives, she's trap. Forgives and set your heart free. Forgives and give yourself another chance. Forgives and give yourself a new beginning she deserve.
Forgiveness is not a sign of weakness. It makes you stronger.
Just saying.


Fleur Vinca said…
I sometimes unsure what forgiving really means. Does it require us to smile to the person forgiven, or be friended with that person. Or just forget what the person had done like it never happened? How? Enlighten me please? :)
'Aini said…
For me, forgiveness is not any physical reaction. It's not about "require", "should", "would". It's not even to forget. It's to accept, to stop blaming, to stop forgetting, to stop running away and start to live. It's something in the heart and it don't need prove.

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