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Surprise in a Slice


I am still struggling with this round's asthma attack. The inhaler doesn't seem to make me feel better. I was struggling to breathe last night. Seharian semalam dah okay banyak, but towards the evening I started to experience mild short of breath. Lepas solat Maghrib, masa berjalan ke kereta untuk pergi kelas Hokkien aku dah mula rasa awful. I barely focus on the last night's lesson. Sampai je rumah terus nak collapse. Rasa nak merangkak naik tangga. Paksa batuk pun tak membantu. Inhaler pun tak membantu. Huhuhu.

Sedang marah-marah dengan "Vampire Diaries" (dalam semput pun masih bertenaga nak marah), Miss F keluar dari bilik dan beritahu ada orang bagi kek. A guy, katanya. Anybody can gifted me cake, but *a guy*? Takde lelaki yang tahu teratak indah ini. With limited supply of oxygen, my brain worked harder to process it. Belum habis fikir tapi tangan laju je ambil kotak kek Secret Recipe. Hahaha.

When I opened the box, I saw a slice of cake that look very similar to this:

Tipu betul la Bro K ni. He said the picture is only for display and that the cake has been eaten. He do know the location of this teratak indah. But I don't remember telling him exactly which floor or door. I can only imagine how he manages to deliver the cake.
Dalam keadaan yang masih semput tu, terus ambil sudu dan makan kek – Banana Chocolate Cake. So RSC. Hahaha. Baru je sebut-sebut nak makan. Alhamdulillah. Rezeki. Makan separuh je sebab semakin sukar nak bernafas.

Rindu Mak, asthma attack, alone as usual (not that I need anything special on my birthday pun) -- though not the worst birthday, it is not merry as well. Since I don't like surprise and I don't celebrate birthdays with cake, a surprise cake is the last thing I expected.

But Bro K's one slice cake surprise made my day.
Thanks Bro! You're the best.

Lepas simpan kek dalam peti sejuk, minum air suam sebagai inisiatif terakhir. Nak ke klinik, dah terlalu lewat. My roommate and housemates were all asleep. The last time I remember feeling as awful as this was during my first asthma attack. I was 10 or 11 years old at that time. It was Ateh's engagement day. I remember crawling to bed and barely lifted my eyelids when my family woke me up to take me to clinic. That was when I know I have asthma to add to my already long list of everything and the fact that the attack is triggered by allergies. Alhamdulillah, once in a very very blue moon je.
Memang betullah aku ni anak Abah yang paling susah dijaga :p

Going to the clinic, stat.



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