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Penang Run 2014/2015 - Seberang Perai Tengah (SPT)


Medal pertama untuk tahun 2015.
Medal ketiga setakat ni.
Hadiah birthday!!! :)
Alhamdulillah. I completed my first Penang Run - SPT, my first 8 km and beat up all my records so far - 8 km for less than 1 hour! Crazy. Sungguh tak percaya. Hahaha. The motivation: water station that *supposedly* at the 4th km.

All the same.
The same doubt, the same nervousness, the same cold feet.
Seminggu yang amat sibuk. Asyik balik malam dalam keadaan cuaca yang hujan dan sejuk. By Tuesday I have started to show symptoms of asthma. Even malam sebelum larian pun masih sama, bertambah dengan simptom flu pulak.
Alhamdulillah, bangun keesokkan paginya rasa lebih sihat.

06:30 Fun Run flag off. Well, we missed it by few minutes.
Sebab risau tak dapat keep up dengan Miss J, aku lari bersungguh-sungguh dari awal. Berdesup lari tinggalkan Miss J dibelakang. Tu pun masih ditinggalkan jugak. Hahaha. Plannya, all out for the first 4 km (the *water station*), then slow down a bit for another 2 km and then I should be fine for the last 2 km.

It was early morning and I forgot to setup the running application, so I have no idea how far I have run. Sedang merungut dengan Miss J berkenaan water station yang tak kunjung tiba, we saw the "1 km to go" signboard. Rupanya takde water station di kilometer ke-4 and we have run 7 km! AKu tengok jam. Wow. Tak sangka mampu berlari selaju ini.

Before 07:30 dah sampai garisan penamat ^______^

Penang Run - SPT memang memori yang menarik. Sangat suka medal untuk half marathon. Haih. Boleh tengok je lah. Perlu lari 21 km tiga kali baru boleh dapat. Entah bila, entah bila.

Penang Run 2014/2015 Half Marathon Medal
Credit to: Mr. R :p

Isnin pagi... Dapat hadiah ni dari in-house doctor:

Inhaler pertama...
Hadiah birthday kedua ni. Huhuhu~

Asma akhirnya menyerang. Kali ni no wheezing. So the doctor decide to put me on this treatment plan. Kata beliau, antara penyebab asma:
1. Cold weather
2. Allergies
3. Exercise
4. Laughing

And I didn't told her anything about Penang Run or how I was laughing my heart out yesterday.
#pasrah je lah.



My favorite!


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