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While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt


It was a weekend full of pictures and I personally adore these pictures of Hakimi and Syifa. I feel like both of them has grow up so much and are going to leave home soon... *Teary eyes* Hahaha. That is dramatic *wink* On the other hand, maybe I'm the one who's going to leave them growing up on their own... *sigh*

I feel grateful for my interest in kids’ photography. Kids are not my expertise but somehow photography helps me to deal with my fear. And I figure out that Edward is lovable and can have effect on people. Hehehe. Rather than just a hobby and madly running around capturing pictures, I am actually getting so much in return from the kids - Syifa and Hakimi and others. I thought I was teaching them to smile to laugh to act properly. But it is really them giving me lesson through the small lens. Precious life lesson.

Hakimi is a polite, timid and shy boy. There's no problem with him, except that he's not eating or talking that much. But Hakimi is my so far biggest iceberg in photography. The lens just doesn’t love him, I said to myself. He doesn’t know how to smile, I added. The truth is, I am being a typical adult - putting the blame on the kid rather than myself. It was always me; I don't have the patience and I always give up on him. Hakimi, on the other hand, did not give up with me - the fact crushes me over and over again. He always try harder to get into the picture just the way Mak Long want. And now look at his smile! If only I have invested more into being patience, I would not have missed these...

Without patience, we left our kids to grow up on their own. They're alone to explore and understand the world that we fail to explain. Each time we give up and quit, we are being unfair to them as they deserve the guidance, from us, the parents and adults. How would we feel if people give up on us on daily basis? That’s right - frustration. On top of everything, without patience, we are losing our moment with them - precious, growing up moment.

Hakimi was only 3 years old when we first met. The foundation of his personality was well taught by his mother (my sister in-law) over obstacles being a single mother. I believe that somehow Hakimi have his own idea of the world. I truly believe and hope Hakimi would grow up to be a very loving person. Syifa on the other hand, was born into and growing up with sugar and spice and everything nice. She has strong and colorful personality and a good taste in shoes (because Syifa only show interest in my shoes :p) I believe and hope Syifa would never lose any of her bouncy personality, with addition of kindness.

Because she is the first granddaughter, Syifa receives many attentions since the day she was born. The attention she receives built her confidence. This is clearly shows in her pictures. Or maybe having me taking her pictures made her confident. It's good to have well developed self-confidence. It could help her to climb any mountains. On the contrary, somewhere between the lines I need to ask myself: can love and attention given to her corrupt her in any way? She'll be fine, I assure myself. If and only if we educate her properly. What's wrong is wrong, what's right is right. She can't just get her way because she's adorable.

Looking at them, running around turning the house upside down, I ask myself: What could go wrong?

How will you remind your children to perform solah 5 times a day when you never complete yours? How will they send du'a for you if you never teach them to say du'a? How would they become a good servant if they don't have you as the role model? The best way to teach about compassion is by showing compassion, that is, to have compassion. When we shout, our children will shout, too. We can't raise happy children if we don't demonstrate happiness in our home. We could not expect our children to respect us if we never show our respect to them. If we never listen to them, they will never listen to anyone. In summary, you can't raise a good person if you yourself is not a good person. Parenting requires sincerity and sincerity is His Secret.

They are pure souls on earth. We were all once pure souls. But look what we have become? It is almost unbearable to let those tiny fingers and toes to grow up.

Have you ever love anybody unconditionally so much, that you would give up everything for them? 10 years ago I could not reason how or why a woman would give up opportunities and career just to commit to her family. Few years after that, I think I can consider letting go my dreams, maybe after some time, and then commit to my family. But with Hakimi and Syifa (and Sumayyah), I am certain that I can and I will let go everything for a family. I believe this must be the feeling every parent have. This is the most important lesson I learn.



CiziWejes said…
Kids are such an angel aren't they? I honestly can understand you now.
'Aini said…
Kak.. Yes, they did. They are the Angles in our heart ^_____^

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