30 Days and Starts Counting!

Waiting for the Spring
by Mitsuo Aida

I felt that someone was looking at me.
I turned my wheelchair
And found a little flower blooming there.

I couldn’t do it, or
I didn’t do it.
I wonder which one?

If you spend all your time only thinking,
The sun will set.

A poem for my children.
It matters not the path you choose
Nor the way you walk it.
What matters is living that life to its fullest.


Today is exactly 30 days before my 28th birthday. That means I have 30 days left to cheer and to enjoy being 27 years young! Hahaha.

I always have this weird feeling about my birthday. The feeling of taking off from a high place and fly (or maybe just free fall!). No, it is not fear. It is more to excitement, I guess. It is like feeling rush of adrenaline through me.

All my life, I just want to move to the next birthday after another. Being old doesn't really bother me that much (until recently, still not that much though). I was very ambitious back then. In the world I want to be, being young means weak and age is power.

Reaching 28 in days, wow, that's quite a number. It is funny when in my ambitious world, I never picture myself being this age. It's always a fast forward vision where everything went well and I am old enough to have the world acknowledging my thoughts.

I think I am going to celebrate my 28th birthday with the most childish cake - Ben 10 maybe - with lot of candles and fun figures on it. Yes, I think I'll do that ^_____^



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